One of the objectives of our FDJ 2020 Strategic Plan is to increase the share of digitised sales (i.e. the share of sales using a digital service via the physical or online network) to 20%. 

Our main asset in meeting this challenge is the FDJ® connected point of sale. This planned digitalisation enables our retailers to offer an enhanced experience of play which increases player loyalty. This modernisation is already under way with the deployment of a new terminal, Neptune, and paperless grids for Parions Sport Point de vente, LOTO® and Euro Millions – My Million.

Connected points of sale

By using digital technology to support our points of sale, we are seeking to make them more attractive. Digital technology has two benefits: it simplifies the daily life of retailers by providing them with new services, making issuing tickets, management and logistics easier, and it enables players to vary their habits.

It is one of the reasons why we are investing €80 million over five years, to bring new functionalities and benefits to points of sale.

Neptune, the do-it-all screen

Rolled out in 2015, the multi-function terminal Neptune is the new major asset of connected points of sale. With a touch screen, an optical scanner and contactless technology, it facilitates the management of the point of sale and saves time. With Neptune, players can prepare their grids for draw-based games or sports bets on their mobile and save them by scanning a 2D code at the terminal.

Finally, Neptune offers greater security and new services, such as recording identity documents and checking and securing tickets.