Retailers involved in their communities

Throughout France our retailers uphold our commitments: responsibility, ethics and solidarity.

Committed to responsible gaming

The prevention of risks associated with gambling is our priority and our retailers are an integral part of this approach: because they may be faced with excessive players or minors who want to play, we give them the tools to respond appropriately.

Upon joining the FDJ network, training teaches retailers the rules of recreational play. Then, we make available in the points of sale, prevention tools, which offer retailers guidance on the ways of detecting high-risk situations and supporting players. Expert advice indicates the right approach to adopt for each specific case, whether how to refuse to sell a game to a minor or how to help a customer who has spiralled out of control. The retailer site also offers advice on rules to be respected in terms of responsible gaming.

Every year, we inspect all FDJ points of sale to ensure that they comply with responsible gaming rules. As such, a responsible gaming bonus is allocated to retailers involved in this approach.

The three golden rules for prohibiting games for minors.

  • Always refer to the law - which should be displayed at the cash desks - prohibiting the sale of gambling, games of chance and sporting bets to under-18s.
  • Having a calm and respectful tone suited to the age of the minor.
  • Try not to argue too much; repeating the same sentence is more effective ("I cannot sell you this game as it is unlawful to sell this game to minors under the age of 18"). 

Combating fraud and money-laundering

We are always combating fraud and money-laundering. For this we offer our retailers specific "fraud and money-laundering" training which goes beyond the procedures required by law.

In the sports betting sector, being vigilant means detecting fraudulent stakes (such as suspicious amounts, geographic distribution or numbers of bets). This is also why, prior to the UEFA EURO 2016 football championships, we rolled out a major training plan to alert specialist retailers with a film produced with  TRACFIN, the unit that combats money laundering and the financing of terrorism in France.

Points of sale accessible to all

A business that is open to as many people as possible is, above all, accessible to everyone and particularly to people with disabilities.To support this change and facilitate the work of retailers, we developed an information system on new regulations and raising awareness of disability. At the beginning of 2013, working with the Union Nationale des Diffuseurs de Presse (the French national union of press distributors) and the Presstalis group, we produced "A small guide to accessibility" to help retailers with their various formalities. This document is available at

In the same spirit, we incorporated information modules on disability in training programmes aimed at retailers. In total, almost 25,000 retailers were able to get information on bringing points of sale in line with standards and practical advice on doing more to accommodate people with disabilities.

We also thought about accessibility by developing our new game equipment which we began to roll out in 2015. It is more attractive to the customer and enables people with disabilities to access our range of games and services more easily. At the end of 2018, 60% of points of sale were equipped with it.

Charitable Retailers

For our retailers, solidarity is not just an empty word. Every year they rally round to promote the events we support such as the "Tous en fête!" campaign With the French Red Cross which enables marginalised people to escape their isolation through activities and events during the festive season.

Moreover, retailers get involved in local life through the FDJ Corporate Foundation's (Fondation d’Entreprise FDJ®) programme for"Détaillants Solidaires" (community retailers) . For them it is about showcasing charities working in the education and integration sectors.