The quality policy - Integrated Management System (IMS) of FDJ is aligned with Group's purpose, commitments and Responsible Gaming. It is based on a strong relationship and willingness to satisfy customers and meet the expectations of Group's stakeholders.

The Group's quality approach is organized through a number of management systems based on the ISO 9001 quality standard, or even certified. Continuous improvement is undertaken by top management and the FDJ’s Group employees involvement.

As required by the ISO 9001 quality standard, Group's activities are described in a cross-functional manner by processes. They enable to :

1  Harmonize Group's functioning  ;

1  Strengthen the sense of belonging to FDJ's Group in order to foster collective intelligence through a cross-functional vision ;

1  Use a common langage to promote best practices and avoiding waste ;

1  Create a common toolbase to deploy IT and adapt to changing organizations ;

1  Provide a better risks and opportunities management with a global vision of transversal topics ;

1  Implement a transverse reference base to support operational performance.


The ISO 9001 certified scopes are highly industrialized activities. They are the following :

1  Management of support operations of the sales network (DOC) ;

1  Lottery draw and promulgation management (TIRP) ;

1  FDJ Gaming Solutions (FGS).

For an harmonized performance, the cornerstones of Group's MIS facilitate communication at the activities interfaces.


Les piliers transverses sont : RSE et JR, sécurité de l'information, santé et sécurité au travail, diversité - égalité pro - qualité de vie au travail, sûreté, continuité d'activité, gouvernance des données, éthique - conformité - anticorruption, achats responsables

This operating method : 

1  Aims to encourage operational application of the strategy within each activity. This common direction enables us to achieve objectives more quickly or in a more ambitious way ; 

1  Provide guidance, with greater consistency, and methodically, as regards operational application of the strategic directions and individual commitments, in compliance with the applicable standards ;  

1  Helps the company capitalizing on its strengths, sharing them, and improving on any points where needed, whilst also monitoring the effectiveness ot the provisions made, so as to adjust actions implemented as required.

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