A secure gaming range

Sports betting, scratch-offs or draw games (PoS or online): betting with FDJ is a completely secure process.

At points of sale

At points of sale, you can check and validate everything: your scratch cards, game tickets, receipts. Gaming terminals, on-screen winning displays, self-service winning checkers, with FDJ Group’s computer systems guaranteeing the accuracy and transparency of transactions.

All throughout the year, a team of Group inspectors checks that distributors are meeting their security, transparency and ethics obligations. At least fifteen criteria are checked during each inspection.


In the IT system

FDJ boasts one of the most secure IT systems in France. With a level of security on a par with banks, each gaming transaction is registered and sealed to prevent any changes, and stored at data centres. FDJ’s information systems process more than €17 billion in financial flows each year, consisting of 5 billion transactions (over 3 billion of which are gaming transactions), and representing over 1,000 transactions per second during peak traffic.

The Group’s IT systems are a technological marvel, designed to run seamlessly in any circumstances: on high-traffic days when jackpots are exceptionally high, or in the event of external factors such as power or telecommunication network failures.

Bank data, gaming transactions and client relations: the security of all data processed by FDJ has been ISO 27001-certified by an independent firm since 2009. La Française des Jeux was the first gambling operator to be certified for its information system security.


On scratch cards

Our forgery- and tamper-proof scratch cards are manufactured by certified printers, the same used to print bank notes. Multiple tests are conducted on scratch cards throughout the manufacturing process to ensure a high level of security and integrity. Before being distributed and validated at points of sale, the cards have paper value only. They only become valid once activated by the distributor. Just one more layer of protection against theft and fraud. Lastly, when winnings are paid out, the authenticity and amount won on each card are checked in real time.


A team of security engineers works continuously to protect data using the latest filtering and encryption technology. Automatic checks, combined with continuous supervision, ensure that players are protected against fraud and money laundering.


In sports and sports betting

A team of twenty-four FDJ employees manages security for all online and PoS games, including sports betting games in particular. Based on their analyses, reports may be filed with the competent authorities (SCCJ - central racing and gambling agency, Tracfin, Arjel, etc.).

In the interest of ensuring ethical competitions, FDJ works with government authorities and international organisations, for example to foster the adoption of global gaming supervision standards by the World Lottery Association, the Integrity Betting Intelligence System of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and a supervision and alert platform dedicated to corruption in athletic events.

Finally, FDJ practices its commitment to sports integrity by coordinating awareness-raising initiatives for the purposes of its partnerships with sports federations (basketball, handball, volleyball) and the French professional football league (LFP). On the agenda: training courses on the risk of corruption in athletic events offered to athletes and their managers.

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