July 28, 2022

FDJ acquires L’Addition and strengthens its position as a partner of local businesses


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Boulogne-Billancourt (France), 28 July 2022 (5:45 p.m.) – La Française des Jeux has announced its acquisition of L’Addition, a French company specialising in payment management, PoS systems and management services for the café/hotel/restaurant (CHR) sector.

This transaction follows the acquisition, finalised in mid-July, of Aleda, a major provider of such solutions for the tobacconist and newsagent network. It contributes to the development of FDJ Group’s Payment and Services business, which aims to become France’s leading proximity payment collection and processing network.

These acquisitions consolidate the foundations of FDJ’s new service business in both the bar/tobacconist/newsagent network and the CHR network. They bolster the Group’s objective of becoming the preferred partner of local retailers in the operational management and development of their points of sale.

Founded in 2012, L’Addition has established itself as one of the leading players in France in the CHR network and is currently used by around 10,000 retailers. The company has a total of 70 employees at its locations in Paris and Bordeaux.

The PoS systems and processing solutions offered by L’Addition are ideally suited to the restaurant business and can be accessed from tablets connected to the network at points of sale. L’Addition is constantly developing its offering through partnerships, in particular for payment solutions with service provider Adyen.

Its success is based on its comprehensive and scalable management service platform, its innovation strategy, its close ties to the retailers who use its solutions, and its capacity to ensure secure real-time point-of-sale operations without data loss.

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