Our local network

With more than 30,000 points of sale, FDJ® is present in France's largest local network, creating and developing its commercial presence whilst energising the local economic fabric; to this end, FDJ® depends on its sales force, FDJ Réseau.

FDJ Réseau, the FDJ commercial network

The FDJ sales force, now named FDJ Réseau, combines a number of different entities under a single trade name (FDP, FDJD and SDC (commercial development companies)). It comprises 59 sales areas, organised across four regional departments, and is managed by FDP, a subsidiary of FDJ, created in 2013 following the merger of 14 FDJ games distribution companies. The FDJ commercial network is key to the effort to win new players, amidst an increasingly diversified customer base and consolidation of the distribution network throughout the country.


In close touch with the regions

To achieve this commercial transformation, we have changed how we operate. How have we changed?

— By bringing our sales force in-house (32 FDP sales areas, 20 independent SDCs (commercial development companyies) sales areas, and three FDJD sales areas); its sales performance is now managed by FDP.

— With the reorganisation of sales areas: we have reduced the number from 130 to 59; they are now larger, more standardised and better distributed across France.

— By creating a new hub for our sales activity: a new automated warehouse, based in Roissy in the northern Paris region, which, by the end of 2018, will handle the direct delivery of our products to all of our points of sale in mainland France. Relieved of these logistical issues, our sales force will have more time to devote to the retailers and will be able to concentrate on its core business, commercial development.


Commercial organisation of the FDJ Group

The headquarters of the four regional commercial departments are based in Reims, Rouen, Bordeaux and Aix-en-Provence.

This new way of operating allows us to manage our commercial activity more effectively in the regions. Firstly, by clarifying our local points of contact: the sector managers and the commercial departments.

Next, being more closely involved in local life, we are in a better position to understand the needs of all of our stakeholders, be they retailers, local councillors, members of the regional press or otherwise. This allows us to refine and optimise our interactions and our working methods.

Finally, armed with this new structure, we can better train our commercial teams and build awareness around the challenges involved in social and societal responsibility, a major commitment of the FDJ Group. As the first point of contact for retailers, they are effectively at the forefront in delivering on our values.