FDJ Group at a glance

Leader on the French gaming market

As the No. 1 gambling operator in France, FDJ Group is the second largest European lottery and fourth largest in the world. With a monopoly on PoS lottery games and sports betting, the Group also manages competitive activities (primarily online sports betting). 

La Française des Jeux boasts 25 million players, i.e. roughly one out of two French adults, offering them a fun and accessible range of games that is constantly updated and fully responsible, consisting of more than 85 games.

No. 1 local gaming network in France

With more than 30,000 points of sales in almost 11,000 municipalities, FDJ has built the largest network of French distributors, with a PoS available within 10 minutes nationwide. 

Reserving €901 million for the net remuneration of its distributors, while creating or making permanent 54,800 jobs (o/w 21,910 jobs at bars, tobacconists and newsagents), FDJ accounts for a very substantial contribution to the French economy, contributing €6.2 billion to GDP in 2021.

Technological expertise

La Française des Jeux has successfully digitised its range of games and distribution methods, investing €250 million in information systems (IS) from 2015 to 2020. The Group boasts a cutting-edge technological infrastructure, predominantly owned by the Group itself (with more than 550 IS employees), comprising a data centre based in Vitrolles. The data centre processes all gaming transactions, totalling more than 4 billion per year, i.e. up to 1,000 transactions per second. 

This strategic advantage ensures a firm command of all operations, secured from end-to-end by ISO 27001 certification.

Developing ancillary activities

The Group also develops three ancillary activities: services for foreign lottery or sports betting operators (via its subsidiary FDJ Gaming Solutions), PoS payments and services, and entertainment.

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