Committed to promoting diversity in sport

FDJ supports women’s sports

The FDJ Group is committed to promoting women’s sports through its “Sport pour Elles” programme, encouraging high-level women’s sports, athletic activities for all women, media coverage, and the recruitment of women to high-level positions in sports since 2016. Sarah Ourahmoune, Olympic silver medallist in boxing, is the programme ambassador. 

Committed to women’s cycling

FDJ has supported the FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope team since 2017 and, in 2020, enabled the team to obtain the “Women’s World Tour” licence, which gives all team members professional cyclist status.


FDJ is also an official partner of the “Paris-Roubaix Femmes avec Zwift” cycling race and will be a major partner of the “Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift” for three editions, the first of which began on 24 July 2022. Lastly, in 2022, FDJ created the “Coupe de France Femmes Elite FDJ” circuit with the French Cycling Federation, which will allow French female cyclists to compete against their international counterparts in the various legs of the cup. 

Encouraging all women

FDJ is also developing partnerships with associations, federations and media committed to promoting women’s sport and gender equality. Alongside its partners, FDJ organises a variety of events, including:

  •   “Hand pour Elles” with the French Handball Federation: an annual call for projects aimed at developing and promoting women's handball. For the winning organisations, this is a special opportunity to be promoted, supported and recognised at the national level for the quality of their actions. They receive €1,000 to €3,000 each.

  •  “Buts pour Elles” with the OM and OL football clubs and Fondaction du Football: an annual call for projects to reward the best initiatives promoting the development of women’s football. The winning projects focus on access to football for all, raising the number of women in management and governance, as well as performance. The prize pool is defined by the number of goals scored by OL and OM during the last eleven days of “Ligue 1” matches (€500 per goal).

  •   “Femmes sur tous les terrains” with the French Basketball Federation: annual awards aimed at recognising women’s experiences and initiatives in basketball, supported since 2015 by FDJ, which presents the Coup de Coeur Award.


  •   “Impact 2024” with Paris 2024: as part of its partnership with the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, FDJ is the first partner associated with the “Heritage” programme of the Games. This partnership steps up the call for “Impact 2024” projects with the creation of a category specific to the development of women’s sports. The objective is to support as many structuring projects as possible that meet the desires and needs of women (well-being, health, fitness), their personal situation and their wish to practise a physical activity more freely.
  •  “Performance pour elles”: an annual call for projects aimed at supporting French sports federations (Olympics and Paralympics) in their approach to optimise performance in women’s sports by Paris 2024. FDJ has already supported four editions, helping twenty federations and donating €400,000. 

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