Balance and diversity, the winning duo for FDJ teams

Equal opportunities is our driving force: this can be seen in our recruitment open to the most diverse applicants and in our employees' work-life balance.

Quality of life at work

90% of employees are proud of working for FDJ, more than 85% are satisfied with their work and the atmosphere at work (source: Harris Interactive).

Work-life balance is regularly measured with a social survey and will soon be recorded by an app-based mechanism. Remote working is facilitated with mobile tools - PC, smartphones for all - and Office 365. A company-level agreement on the "right to disconnect" leaves individuals free to decide whether to log in to the company's communication tools that may be used outside of working hours. Our sites are equipped with gyms, rest areas, outside seating areas, a variety of corporate restaurants, not to forget the essential table football.

Finally, at FDJ, employees are shareholders in the company.


Equal opportunities for all drives a HR policy based on diversity in four central areas: disability, gender equality in the workplace, intergenerational equality and equality of social backgrounds. For example, in the area of recruitment, we work with Mozaïk RH, Face à l’Emploi and Moreover, around forty employees work with young graduates from disadvantaged areas to help them access employment through the charity Nos Quartiers ont des Talents.

40% of FDJ's management team are women. The pay gap has been reduced with the help of a dedicated budget. Employees have created a women's network, "À elles de jouer" ("her turn"), which helps to develop the leadership role of women in the company.

FDJ's diversity policy is certified by AFNOR.