FDJ Group other activities

FDJ Group has decided to tap into its expertise and experience to explore new avenues of development. 

Three growth drivers have been identified: tech solutions for international gaming operators (B2B), a range of PoS payments and services, and an entertainment range.

Payments & Services

In Payments, the Group aims to capitalise on its distribution network and tech assets to offer payment services for third parties. Such activities not only help modernise FDJ’s distribution network, but also support the network of bars, tobacconists and newsagents in rural areas. FDJ won an RFP organised by the French Treasury for the payment of taxes, fines and local bills in cash and by debit card. As of 2020, this service was provided to more than 5,000 PoS in around 3,400 municipalities.


FDJ draws on its expertise in creating and launching products targeted to a broad client base, with the goal of expanding its business model to the entertainment sector. To date, FDJ has launched the following action plan: 

• Help in organising eSport competitions such as the Ultimate Fighting Arena; 

• Development of entertainment apps aimed at building an audience through advertising;

• Proposal of “experience-based” entertainment activities, i.e. fun activities experienced outside the home with the consumer’s participation. For example, the Group is interested in VR and escape games.


In B2B, FDJ Group provides international lottery and sports betting operators with “turnkey” solutions adaptable to their local specifications. These solutions, developed by FDJ Gaming Solutions (a wholly-owned subsidiary of FDJ Group), were initially offered to European operators and may subsequently be distributed in countries such as the United States and Canada.